Insurance designed to accumulate


Think of an annuity as a kind of insurance product. With deferred annuities, you can build up funds over several years (called the “accumulation phase”). You can either start with an initial deposit and watch it grow or make regular deposits over time.

Benefits of Annuities

The money you contribute to an annuity grows tax-deferred.

Death Benefit pays out policy benefits in the event of your passing

Use your cash value to invest, and maximize your growth potential


of Americans

say they are behind on retirement savings.

7 in 10


said they have only 3 months of emergency savings.


of People

would work during retirement to afford the cost of living.

How can Annuities be right for me?

Think of an annuity as a deal between you and an insurance company. You fund it with a lump sum or multiple payments, and they use a plan to grow your money. A variable annuity invests in funds, a fixed one grows with a set interest rate, and an indexed annuity earns based on an associated index.

Growth happens during the accumulation phase when you’re making payments. That’s when the insurance company adds returns to your account. When you’re ready for payouts, your annuity enters the annuitization phase. You decide how you want to receive payments—monthly, semi-annually, annually, or in a lump sum. It’s all up to you!

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