Whole Life Insurance

Final Expense

Insurance, commonly referred to as Burial Insurance, designed to pay burial expenses families face when a loved one passes.

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How does it work?

Final Expense Insurance never expires, as long as you continue making premium payments.

Final Expense is surprisingly affordable, and remains locked in for the life of the policy

Upon your passing, the policy provides cash specifically intended to cover all burial expenses, alleviating the financial burden on your family during a challenging time.

Life insurance is not taxable and your loved ones will receive the full benefit of the policy.

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The Why

At some point, many of us will face the need for final expense insurance. Without a dedicated fund set aside for these expenses, our loved ones may find it challenging to gather the necessary funds to give us the service and burial we’d want after we’ve passed.

Leaving substantial debts can be overwhelming for family members. Final expense insurance steps in to ease this burden, allowing families to mourn their loved ones without the stress of unexpected costs. The good news is that final expense insurance presents an affordable whole life insurance option, providing a solution to these concerns.


of Americans

Think life insurance is necessary

8 of 10


Overestimate the expense of getting a life insurance policy.



Adults do not believe they have adequate life insurance

The How

Think of final expense coverage as your own customized life insurance plan. You get to choose a specific dollar amount, known as the “face value,” and then keep the plan going by making periodic premium payments. If, heaven forbid, something happens to you while the policy is active, the insurance company steps in and directs the death benefit to the people you’ve personally named as beneficiaries—whether it’s the funeral home or your loved one’s.  It’s like a thoughtful way of making sure your final wishes are met, while also providing some peace of mind and financial support for your loved ones.

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