Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance offers a lump sum cash payment if you’re diagnosed with a covered condition or suffer a critical health event.

Protect Your Way Of Life

You or a family member have a prolonged absence from work to help with treatment and recovery.

You will have out-of-pocket expenses like deductibles and co-pays

Recovery takes time and can incur costs for physical therapy and other specialty rehabilitation.

You may need to travel for quality care or specialty treatment centers for extended periods.

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Why Do I Need Critical Illness Insurance?

None of us can predict when a critical illness might strike—whether it’s cancer, a heart attack, or another serious condition. The toll on health is significant, often requiring extensive treatment and recovery periods. Yet, the financial impact can be just as devastating. Consider this: around 56 million Americans under 65 struggle to pay medical bills, making medical expenses the leading cause of bankruptcies.

Even with a solid health insurance policy, there’s the potential for a substantial deductible and ongoing co-insurance payments. Critical illness insurance steps in to ease this financial burden. The lump sum benefit provided can cover medical bills, mortgages, and other expenses. Additionally, it offers flexibility, allowing you to explore experimental treatments or travel for specialized care not covered by regular health insurance. It’s a personalized solution for the unpredictable nature of health challenges.


of Foreclosures

are due to a critical illness

6 of 10


Have less than $1000 in savings

1 of 4


Say someone in their household had problems paying or inability to pay medical bills in the past year.

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